Total Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance consists of Quality Control Department and Quality Compliance. Our quality control laboratory is well-equipped with modern instruments which are calibrated on regular basis. Our well-trained personnel continuously monitors and check the products on every single stage of production to ensure the best quality of product. All processes are strictly followed under the proper guidelines of cGMP.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Specialities of BLUE AQUA Drinking Water

Source of raw water is our own deep tube-well at 800 ft. below the ground. The collected deep water is then processed through our high-tech water purification process involves high quality quartz sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, micro-filtration, Reverse osmosis filtration for chemical purification and for microbiological purification with UV and ozone sterilization. The whole process is automatic & untouched human hands. In addition to normal remove of 100% micro biological pollutants and 98% Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) the system also removes inorganic or organic toxic chemicals including cancer causing agents. Our water is Arsenic free, tested by BSTI & BCSIR, Institute of food science, Dhaka University and ICDDRB. Our water is meticulously quality controlled and BSTI approved. Also approved by the Department of Environment, Government of Bangladesh. Blue aqua natural drinking water conforms to WHO and BSTI guidelines. We also request you to visit our plant at Plot- D/8, Block-A, BSCIC, Baizid Bostami, Chattogram, to see the way to purify and fill our jar water.

Chemical Analysis of Water

Mineral Composition (Approx)
Arsenic (as As)
Cadmium (as Cd)
Lead (as Pb)
Chloride (as CI)
Nitrate (as NO3)
Nitrite (as NO2)
Cyanide (as CN)

6.4 to 7.4

Coliform (responsible for gratro-intertinal disease)       Nil
Facal coliform (responsible for diarrhoea)                      Nil
Total Bacterial counts                          <1000 as recommended by FAO/WHO

You can confidently drink Blue Aqua drinking water and keep your family members and others away from water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, Typhoid etc.