BLUE AQUA Drinking Water  –  Drink The Difference

BLUE AQUA drinking water is extracted from a depth of 800 feet by its deep tube well set up in the BSCIC industrial area of Sholashahar in Chattogram city. It is refined by American state-of-the-art technology reverse osmosis (RO), Ozone, and distilled by the UV water purification system. 

The pure drinking water we produce is strictly quality controlled by experienced chemists and microbiologists in our laboratory at the BLUE AQUA drinking water factory, which is tested by BUET and ICDDR,B. It is marketed under the authorization of Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution (BSTI). 

Skilled sales and suppliers in our transportation system are always ready to deliver BLUE AQUA drinking water jars & small bottles to your office, factory, residence, hospital, restaurant, shopping center and etc.

Water is one of the earth’s most precious and threatened resources. Like the rest of the third world country, Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated country, is facing severe water pollution and scarcity. Although 97% of the total population has access to water, the quality of water is always questionable (WHO, 2018). 8.5% of the total death in Bangladesh is caused by water, sanitation and hygiene-related issues (UN-Water, 2013).  

Wash your hands well before meals, follow hygiene rules, and always drink BLUE AQUA drinking water to stay healthy.