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Blue Aqua

BLUE AQUA Drinking Water  –  Drink The Difference

The pure drinking water we produce is strictly quality controlled by experienced chemists and microbiologists in our laboratory at the BLUE AQUA drinking water factory, which is tested by BUET and ICDDR,B. It is marketed under the authorization of Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution (BSTI).

Skilled sales and suppliers in our transportation system are always ready to deliver BLUE AQUA drinking water jars & small bottles to your office, factory, residence, hospital, restaurant, shopping center and etc. 

Wash your hands well before meals, follow hygiene rules, and always drink BLUE AQUA drinking water to stay healthy.

Our Products


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Want to Book big quantity for Events Or Party?

Bulk Bottled Water Delivery

We offer free delivery of BLUE AQUA bottled water for Events or Party. Size are : 500 ML Bottle, 1 Litre Bottle, 2 Litre Bottle, 19 Litre Jar.

Office Bottled Water Delivery

Keep everyone in your office hydrated and happy by BLUE AQUA Drinking water. We provide bottled water and dispensers.

Home Bottled Water Delivery

Keep your family hydrated with pure drinking water. BLUE AQUA provides bottled water and dispensers.

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